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We may look like engineers outside, but deep down, we are artists, too. We like to call ourselves “artgineers.” In OutSmart, we are stubborn and obsessed with quality — we mean high-end quality.

OutSmart is an exhibition design and engineering company. We choose to work for only one vertical: the luxury sector. Because of our dedication, we have been chosen by the world’s largest jewellery & gem trade exhibition as the official service contractor for over seven consecutive years. Our history and experience define who we are and what we are good at. Indeed, being the official service contractor of one of the world’s most precious product trade shows, we endeavor to keep pushing the envelope for providing quality works with highest service level to our customers.

Argue and Then Invent

Pablo Picasso once said, “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” While in Outsmart, when an engineer meets an artist, instead of borrow or steal, they argue and then invent. This is the chemistry you will feel when you walk in to our office where countless amazing exhibition structures incubated.

Our Works

OutSmart has been a member of Milton Exhibits Group since 2006. We provide exhibition design and build service primarily for the high-end luxury sector. Our service include general contracting for exhibition, special product showcase, exhibition booth design and build, and environment and interior design. We have been delivering quality works in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Dubai, Israel, and Istanbul. Supreme quality has remained OutSmart’s service pledge for the customers around the world.