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SERVICE// RESULT // Young Living - YL Fit 2017:Active Lifestyle Starts Here!

Young Living - YL Fit 2017:Active Lifestyle Starts Here!

Hong Kong - “YL Fit 2017:Active Lifestyle Starts Here!”, an event organized by Young Living Hong Kong, was held at the Nursery Park in the West Kowloon Cultural District in April.

Following the successful event management experience rendered to Young Living for its opening ceremony held in Taipei last year, the client once again appointed ConceptComs, the event-arm of Milton Exhibits Group this year to oversee its first outdoor fitness event in Hong Kong.

Themed under “True wellness starts from small habits!”, the event aimed to inspire its community whilst at the same time spent some invaluable moment with their kids and family. ConceptComs was responsible for creating many of the elements that made the event memorable and distinctly Young Living. These included venue design, event management, logistics and the range of programmes.