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Vulcan and Co.


Vulcan and Co., is an exclusive, high-end, fancy shape diamond boutique, specializing in natural, conflict-free, loose stones as well as perfectly matched pairs and layouts in all sizes. It commissioned Outsmart to design and produce its special design booth at the June Jewelry & Gem Fair.

A combination of 60 years of experience in fancy shape diamonds and new generation business savvy puts us at the cutting-edge. Diamond jewelry manufacturers, dealers, retailers and private customers around the world appreciate our fine eye, expert craftsmanship, and discrete, efficient service.


To showcase the brand’s 60 years of experience in fancy shape diamonds, our design team has successfully created a European jewelry Vulcan retail shop. In order to give the booth a European touch, the design team has included some nicely shaped canopies and Victorian-style lights to the booth. Furthermore, the rough court finishing on the walls has further added the European flavor to the exhibition booth.


Standing in the foyer of the exhibition hall, the Vulcan “retail shop” has effectively caught the attention of many visitors.