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SERVICE// RESULT // UBM-Alibaba O2O2O Solution Launch

UBM-Alibaba O2O2O Solution Launch

Creativity is where we start the surprise, it begins right from the thought process.


The Brief

The joint-force brainchild of UBM and Alibaba -- O2O2O Solution -- is a business-matching platform, which allows buyers to search trustable exhibitors prior to the exhibition (Online), book meetings to be held during the event (Offline), and continue developing their relationship and business outcome after the event (Online transaction).

Mills was appointed by UBM and Alibaba to debut the O2O2O Solution at SIGN/LED China 2016, with the objective to create product awareness. This is an important milestone for the B2B industry, created by the two global B2B leaders to give rise to each other as they complement to one another. Mills and Milton are thrilled that our creative and event teams are selected to power the marketing activation.

Instead of thinking about the booth in terms of size and dimensions, the Mills and Milton teams started looking at ways to creatively represent the product. With premises at a LED Show, the creative team started exploring questions like, could light and refraction come into play? Could we use kaleidoscopes to showcase the concept of infinitive possibilities? What could possibly be done to present the Online-Offline-Online integration to the audience at the event?


The Work

The final concept was sparked by the similarities between the flow of Online & Offline, and the fluidity of two natural forces “Yin & Yang”, the creative team crafted a concept called “The Vivid Circulation of Opportunities”.

The final booth that we have created is one that comprises of three individual circular zones with interconnected exhibiting areas. Each zone contains different content. When the visitors are navigating between three zones, they represent this circulation of opportunity which the O2O2O product provides.


The Result

Give creativity the room it deserves and let it lead the design. You will be surprised by the amazing ideas that will take flight in your marketing plan.

The O2O2O booth is launched on 19th September 2016 at the SIGN/LED 2016 tradeshow in Shanghai. Mills and Milton will join UBM and Alibaba to celebrate the debut of this iconic moment, when creativity meets business objective.