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Tips in Organizing Virtual Event

Worldwide – Due to COVID-19 pandemic, numerous events and exhibitions all over the world are forced to be postponed or cancelled due to social distancing measures and travel restrictions. Organizers around the world are implementing different new ways of connecting and engaging their participants. Many chose and tried virtual events and exhibitions in different scales over the past months. One of the key benefits in organizing a virtual event is that it allows organizers to grow their audience globally. Participants from around the world can join anytime, anywhere with no consideration in travel.

Apart from considering the reliability, the design and functions of the virtual platform, herewith some tips from Midas, the digital-arm of Milton Exhibits Group on other considerations when the organizer considers to host a virtual event:

  • Identify the additional value the “virtual” element can bring to your audience. It may be something more than an imitation to a physical event, such as more engagement through a Chat Room that enable speaker and audience for effective communications.
  • Don’t forget the importance of rehearsal and training as many speakers, exhibitors and visitors might have never tried a virtual platform before.
  • It is crucial to make sure everything works well technically to smoothly achieve the desired outcome of your event. Check your bandwidth.

Contact Midas for more useful tips and get a tailor-made integrated digital solutions proposal for your next virtual or hybrid events!