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SERVICE// RESULT // SMU Open House 2016

SMU Open House 2016

There is no doubt that the tertiary education scene in Singapore is getting increasingly competitive. With 2 new universities being created just within the last 5 years, local Singapore universities are now striving to differentiate themselves through new programmes, unique school cultures and vibrant student lives.

Positioning themselves as an institution which goes beyond merely providing degrees, Singapore Management University (SMU) prides itself in giving opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery, transforming students.

As the appointed event organizer for this year’s Open House, the Milton Exhibits team expanded on this proposition to help SMU craft the concept of a journey, where all prospective students, upon stepping into SMU, were taken on a voyage of preparation, embarkation and exploration. Anchoring these stages is a path line to communicate the discovery of the self, the discovery to a different “U”.

To bring this concept to life, the team not only helped plan and execute an online journey-planner, road banners and markers for pre-event publicity, but also designed and fabricated the various faculty booths.

Attended by about 10,000 prospective students and their parents, the successful 2-day event also saw the Milton team helping to manage various tasks such as stage performances showcasing the various student groups, facilitating faculty talks and sharing sessions.