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RS Component

RS Components is a leading distributor that holds more than 550,000 products online from 2,500 global brands, ranging from electronics, electro-mechanical, process control and automation components to a broad range of supporting products. With an objective to build brand awareness, attract visitors’ flow to the booth, draw audience’s attention, create excitement and engage them during the 3-day tradeshow, RS Components commissioned Milton exhibitor service team to design, build as well as to create an event in their 90 sq.m. special design booth located at IIC-China 2012, held in Shenzhen.


The warehouse concept created by our designer easily draw visitors to the booth.  The physical appearance of the booth enabled RS to stand out of the crowd and allow visitors to register and recall the type of business RS is in easily. As the brand’s target audiences were mostly electronic design engineers, we need to find something which was appealing and attractive to this group of target audience.  Hence, we placed a nice car model with pretty models in the center of the booth. To put this into action and to create an engaging, entertaining and exciting environment, and most importantly to generate leads throughout the 3-day exhibition period, we included a Q&A session at every half an hour intervals, lucky draws and display of the car model (the lucky draw prize) with models and MC, all carefully planned and managed by our team.


Eventually, the event successfully obtain more than 5000 qualified leads.