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SERVICE// RESULT // Polyplastics @ Chinaplas

Polyplastics @ Chinaplas

At Chinaplas 2014, Polyplastics engaged Milton Exhibitor Service and Digital Solution teams to jointly create a new experience for its visitors.

The integrated marketing plan consists of a creative design and engaging interactive tools and content that drive the over 130,000 visitors to its booth. The creative was built upon the theme “coherence”. Collaboration is coherence. Two eye-catching head shaped structures signified two people communicating; working towards collaboration easily became the focal point of the booth. An interactive tool where through a wave of hand could control the information of Polyplastics was placed at the front of the booth. Visitors’ motions on the interactive tool drew more traffic to the booth.

In addition, iLEAD – a lead management solution was also incorporated in the booth, designed not only to capture leads during the 3-day exhibition but also helped to generate insightful analytics to help build more effective marketing and promotion plan.