The award winning Milton Graduates Trainee Programme (MGTP) was initiated in 2010 with an aim to attract young talents to the event and exhibition industry. The programme combines a result-orientated educational programme with hands-on training activities. The objective of our MGTP is to develop what we call the “T-Shape” people. That is, we provide general business skills to our trainees horizontally while at the same time offering specialty training in such areas an architectural engineering, event planning, and media marketing to them vertically.

This is a 18-month programme, accelerated through various learning initiatives include a 2-week comprehensive orientation, site visit, softskills training and job rotation. Mentoring and regular performance reviews are also in place to help identify their key strengths and development areas to ensure that they stay on track in achieving their professional and personal goals.

  • UFI Education Award
  • HKMA Excellence in Training & Development