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15A // Our People

Arif Chan

We face new challenges every day in the exhibition industry. The free hand and abundant resources Milton Exhibits given to colleagues allow us to grasp every opportunity and realize our full potential.

Arif Chan | General Manager – General Contracting of Milton Exhibits (Hong Kong), joined since 2006
Connie Chang

Milton Exhibits has continuous extended its global business presence over the years, which provides me with valuable opportunities to continuously update my accounting and legal knowledges in different cities!

Connie Chang | Associate Director – Accounting (HK/MO/TW) of Milton Exhibits Group, joined since 2006
Rebecca Chang

Milton Exhibits is my beacon light on career development which enables me to adapt changes in the workplace with ease.

Rebecca Chang | Assistant Manager – HR Services & Administration of Milton Exhibits (Beijing), joined since 2006
Eddie Choi

Creativity and innovation are the core values I treasured, especially in the digital era with ever changing technology. With this mindset, we are able to grasp every opportunity to achieve the goal of sustainability!

Eddie Choi | Executive Director of Milton Exhibits Group South Asia, joined since 2010
Thomas Chu

Time flies and now we have 15 years of good time behind us.
Individual Talent and Team Spirit are always the key stone of the achievements in Milton Exhibits Group. I am extremely appreciate and thankful for the hard and contributory work from our colleagues in these great 15 years. Let me look forward to the next 15 years with all of you, “United we stand” – stay with us.

Thomas Chu | Chairman & Managing Director - Milton Exhibits Group
Ryland Huang

I joined Milton Exhibits 12 years ago due to its development potential. I am certain on my decision as I personally witness the growth of Shanghai General Contracting team over the past 12 years on both business and staff numbers.

Ryland Huang | Operation Director - Milton Exhibits (Shanghai), joined since 2005
Peter Jung

People, process and innovation are the critical success factors of Milton Exhibits. Through continuous review and fine tune on these aspects in the past 15 years, Milton Exhibits is prepared to face new challenges in the ever-changing business environment!

Peter Jung | Chief Executive Officer - Milton Exhibits Group
Krystal Liau

In the past 15 years, Milton Exhibits actively expanded our service network to all around the world. I am proud to take part in the establishment of Mills Design, the creative agency of our Group and witness its rapid growth.

Krystal Liau | Executive Creative Director – Mills Design, joined since 2012
Suki Lin

What set Milton apart is the Management’s support in talent development throughout the years. We believe continuous learning is one of the best fuels to ignite colleagues’ career and lead to the success of the Group.

Suki Lin | Assistant Manager - Talent Development of Milton Exhibits Group, joined since 2014
WY Pau

Milton Exhibits values talents. I believe what lead Milton Exhibits to its success in the past 15 years is our great teamwork and cohesion in the company.

WY Pau | Chief Designer – General Contracting of Milton Exhibits (Hong Kong), joined since 2007
James Siu

At Milton Exhibits, learning opportunities are always open for us. Over the years, I have learnt many useful skill sets and good work habits. I can benefit from these for lifelong.

James Siu | Senior Project Manager – Milton Exhibits Hong Kong, joined since 2007
Sarah Tang

I’m glad to witness the rapid growth of Milton Exhibits in the last 15 years. Thanks to the Chairman and CEO for always supporting and trusting me on my work over the years!

Sarah Tang | Group Director - Corporate Governance of Milton Exhibits Group, joined since 2005
Teresa Tsai

The innovative mindset of Milton Exhibits allows us to bring organizers and exhibitors to different locations around the world. I am pleased to witness our growth in oversea shows in the past seven years.

Teresa Tsai | Project Manager of Milton Taipei, joined since 2010
Linda Wang

Milton Exhibits is like a big family. We share the same vision, help and learn from each other.

Linda Wang | Associate Operation Director – Milton Exhibits Shanghai, joined since 2006
Queenie Ye

Being customer-oriented and open-minded, Milton Exhibits community shares the same DNA.

Queenie Ye | Associate Director - Customer Service of Milton Exhibits (Guangzhou), joined since 2006