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NHT Global Celebration Event in Malaysia

Malaysia - To celebrate the grand opening of NHT Global in Malaysia and the inauguration of its Ambassador Academy, ConceptComs, the event-arm of Milton Exhibits Group was appointed as the full-service event agency in celebration of these two special occasions. 

With a mission to deliver a memorable experience to the 6,000 event attendees, ConceptComs integrated the Malaysian cheerful and happy culture into the design of the 2-day event. To kick start the event, ConceptComs arranged amazing fireworks as the opening gimmick, followed by a wide array of activities covering from fun games, live band shows to food trucks including the “King of fruits” in Malaysia - Durian. The event certainly gave all a memorable experience, touching all five senses of the attendees.

We are honored to take part in NHT Global event once again, and look very much  forward to our next event together!