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MEG Management Conference 2017

MEG Management Conference is held every year as an occasion for educational opportunities and sharing of the best practice within the Group. 2017 marks the celebration of the Group’s 15th anniversary, hence the organizing committee spent much effort on the programme design and selection of destination.

More than 70 delegates gathered at the Southern Beach Hotel & Resort in Okinawa, Japan for the 3-day MEG conference.

We have invited different industry experts to be our speakers, sharing their precious experience and unique insights on topics including digital technology, creative thinking and project management. What makes it even more special was that 2 representatives of the management trainee programme in 2016 joined the conference. Through this rare opportunity, they shared their new generation views on the future development of the Group.

A little surprise party was prepared for the two co-founders of Milton Exhibits Group. We followed the Japanese tradition to celebrate with Kagamibiraki! In the meanwhile, shamisen music performance and traditional Ryukyu cuisine were arranged for the dinner. The performers led our colleagues to dance with the Okinawan music. We all enjoyed a breezy time together in this cool city!

Last but not least, special thanks to Bauhaus for the nice hoodies sponsored to our conference delegates!