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Manpower Management Application Designed for Event & Exhibition

Hong Kong – Recruitment of part-time helpers is one of the essential parts in all events and exhibitions, which requires a lot of time and effort to manage well.

To enhance the efficiency of event and exhibition manpower management, Midas, the digital-arm of Milton Exhibits Group, has self-developed a manpower management application which is designed to automate the various work process involved in the recruitment of part-time helpers for events and exhibitions of different scales.

With this application, the organizer is able to deal with all the tasks related to part-time manpower recruitment on a single platform, including helper recruitment, helpers’ work schedule management, important notification pushes as well as attendance tracking through the clock-in and clock-out function. A content management system (CMS) that can be easily managed is equipped in the application, where the organizer can also generate different on-site or post-show reports.