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MANDARIN Fur Limited

MANDARIN Fur Limited is a fur manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer with its business incorporated in Hong Kong since 1979. It has over 35 years of history. Engaged by the client for the 5 consecutive years, Milton Exhibitor Service team was appointed once again to provide design and fabrication of its 240 sqm. exhibition booth at Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair 2014, the largest show of its kind in the world.


This year, the client’s challenged us to produce a completely new design differ from its previous years’ cool style. We studied the brands traded under MANDARIN Fur and decided to propose the design riding on its more Italian brand CHALUE which projected a warm feeling contrary to its previous cool style. The entrance of the booth was almost like entering an art gallery where visitors will be wowed by the art pieces displayed inside the gallery. Another challenge is the production as we had to ensure that every piece of the wood used for the entrance displayed is in the same colour tone for a consistent image.


We unfolded a new image of MANDARIN fur before 8,000 buyers and client is very pleased with the work we produced.