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News// Corporate News // Macau Pavilion wins Exhibitor Magazine Editor’s Choice Expo 2010 Award

Macau Pavilion wins Exhibitor Magazine Editor’s Choice Expo 2010 Award

October 2011 – Based in United States, the Exhibitor Magazine for nearly 25 years brought the world’s most prestigious exhibit-design competition, honouring the crème de la crème of trade show exhibits. In 2010, an Expo 2010 Award was launched to honour the most impressive work from the 2010 World Expo held in Shanghai, China.  Judged by a panel of multidisciplinary design, marketing, and communications experts, the Macau Pavilion has received an Honourable Mention by the Editor’s Choice.


Reflecting the Expo’s theme of “Better City, Better Life”, many of the pavilions focused on the future of urban development, sustainable architecture, and the dangers of neglecting the environment. The Macau Pavilion stood out from the many pavilions through a 19.99 meters tall rabbit-shaped lantern story as the Chinese celebrate the annual Mid-Autumn Festival. Milton took part in the overall project management of the interior fitting out works of the 7-storey pavilion. Many challenges were encountered during the project period. This included the liaison of supplies and productions from Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Macao and Shanghai; a 360 degree hanging screen and the 1m thick printed carpets inside the pavilion, just to name a few. Overcoming all challenges through detailed project planning and communications, the team has successfully turned the project around within a 11-month time span.