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Hospital Authority HealthInfo World

Hong Kong - Everyone pursues good health. However, not all of us knows how to stay healthy.

In order to spread professional health knowledge to the general public, the Hong Kong Hospital Authority officially set up the Health InfoWorld (HIW) in its headquarter in Argyle street, Kowloon on 24 September 2014.

To give HIW a brand new look, the Hospital Authority has chosen Nomura to be the interior designer and Milton Exhibits was most delighted to be appointed as the interior fitting out technical manager. We completed the HIW with our expertise and maximized the visitors’ awareness of health information.

HIW was designed in a professional yet innovative style. Since we understood health information was factual and may seem rather dull, we have to ensure the learning process is entertaining while educational. No matter what gender and age group the visitors were in, they should be able to find their desired information in a dynamic way with fun.

We offered interactive communications via the numerous panels installed in the venue. Visitors were able to get the most all-rounded information with just several clicks so they could take the lead to select their interested topics. Through interactive games, visitors were able to understand with joy the health knowledge which was out of their reach. Under such a casual and relaxing atmosphere, the health information was well disseminated to the visitors with maximum exposures.