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Concept Communications

Concept Communications follows the rules for integrity and breaks the rules for creativity. We are the team who sits inside the cubicle and think outside the box. As an event marketing agency, Concept Communications specializes in event planning and management. Since the company was founded in 2006, it has been providing services to many large events in the region and has become the preferred agency of the top brands such as BMW, Volkswagen, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Christie’s and Lukfook Jewellery.

Our Capacity

While Concept Communications operates direct offices in Hong Kong and Macao, our global affiliate network enables us to deliver services in different continents of the world. Furthermore, with the corporate business network of Milton, we have the total capacity to support super event such as the East Asian Games 2009 in Hong Kong.

How We Work

When Concept Communications plans for an event, we take ideas very seriously. It is because without an idea, an event is like without a soul. It must be set right.

We also understand the key challenge of adopting an idea: Practicality. Is it practical enough to produce business result? Can the result bring awareness for the brands and products? Is the result be able to generate business leads? To tackle the challenge, we will conduct a scientific thorough research prior to planning process. We want to ensure the inter-connectivity doesn’t diverge from the beginning till the end: timing to venue, space to interior, and technicalness to content.

The Future Of Event

Today, event is no more a simple social gathering or activity. We see the future of event must contain Integration and Social Amplification. In fact, Concept Communications has already adopted numerous event solutions to integrate mobile marketing and NFC into the event content. As for the social amplification, we also have brought social media solutions such as the social wall into an event plan to enhance the social outreach. Communicate your concepts to us. Let us transform them into an event that makes a good impression to your customers and reflects your company’s values. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.