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SERVICE// RESULT // BMW 3 Series Sedan Launch Event

BMW 3 Series Sedan Launch Event

Hosting a demanding and experienced event guest list and the pressure of the press, all of whom are accustomed to grand style and a highly charged event, the BMW Launch Event stepped up to the plate by offering the BMW 3 Series with its sporty, elegant and clear aesthetic appeal with pioneering technologies, going beyond everyone’s expectations.

The evening kicked off with the soothing sounds of an a cappella performance by two cool looking young male singers, their stunning natural voices, brought the house was to silence, setting the stage for an impressive evening expected to follow.

Following this impressive performance was a unique sand art performance, created by an artist where sand plays with light, displaying ephemera stories. The artist carefully crafted sand images resulting in cool lighting effects and shapes projected onto a large screen for the audience to witness, this cleverly brought to display a direct relation to the aerodynamic lines and designs of the BMW sedan, an awesome transitional effect.

Event Details

The evening's stylish environment was further strengthened through the unique dance performance by a popular artist from Japan. The performance combined and featured movements and rhythms of Karate and Kabuki, the traditional culture of original dance style created on the streets of Japan. The dynamic and sharp movements of the performer echoed the personality of the new BMW 3 series sedan. Assisted by Zen-filled projection imagery and the unique dance performance, the latest BMW model was unveiled. 


These three unique and exceptional performances paved the way and created a crescendo leading to the highlight of the evening the unveiling where guests were invited to experience and view the BMW sedan.Conceptcoms was appointed by BMW Macau as the event manager, with our scope of services incorporating the initial concept, to the developmental stage, to the completion of the entire event.