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SERVICE// RESULT // BASF @ Chinaplas 2019

BASF @ Chinaplas 2019

Guangzhou – “To create a better future together!” – A concept brainstormed by Mills - the creative-arm of Milton Exhibits Group, for BASF at Chinaplas 2019.

Set in a futuristic theme, Mills showcase BASF’s key products & co-creations through the daily life of an individual – with the introduction of a virtual ambassador “Bryan”, specially designed & created for Chinaplas 2019. Furthermore, with professional spatial planning, Mills segmented the booth strategically into 4 sections – Improving Life, Enhancing Mobility, Refining Environment & Reinventing Infrastructure, creating sufficient space for interactions while ensuring smooth traffic flow. To say the least, BASF booth was definitely an eye-catcher!


Let’s gear up for Chinaplas 2020 @ Shanghai next year!!

In addition to BASF, Milton exhibition contracting and exhibitor services teams have repeatedly been engaged by the organizer and a long list of exhibitors such as Polyplastics, etc. in providing design, build and exhibitor management at Chinaplas 2019. For the upcoming Chinaplas 2020 to be held in Shanghai, Milton Exhibits Group has assembled a strong and dedicated team of professionals to handle all exhibition requirements! FREE Exhibitor Consultation is available for all existing & potential exhibitors.

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