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SERVICE// RESULT // Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival 2013

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival 2013

Drums were beaten to enhance morale. Rowers shouted while paddling oars. The audience was cheering along the iconic harbor for the exciting competition. Dragon boat racing has been one of the traditional customs on Dragon Boat Festival for more than 20 centuries. The traditional custom was meant to be a religious ceremony but now it already becomes an international sport.

Event Details

The event arm of Milton was appointed to take care of the festive decoration of Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival 2013 once again. Matching the festival theme, our team specialized in event management as well as venue decoration for the entire event. We did not stop at merely decorating. Instead, we targeted at making the venue as a tourism hot spot which attracts foreigners and local to stop by and know more about the tradition.


Despite boosting the carnival mood, the decoration of signage and booths correspondingly assisted the large population flow and the competition ended with cheers and laughter.