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Daikin @ ACREX INDIA 2015

India - Daikin is the world's sole manufacturer of a full line of dynamic products from refrigerants to air-conditioners with a strong presence in Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Europe as well as North America. On 26-28 February 2015, Daikin joined ACREX INDIA 2015 in New Delhi, India.  Milton India is designated by Daikin to offer exhibitor service consisting of the design and build of its exhibition area, transportation arrangement, hostess recruitment and management, cleaning services as well as software for its audio video.


Not only Milton India had to come up with a unique concept which allows 89 products to be exhibited at the same time, the team had to ensure the design meets with client’s high international standard on quality and finishing. The second and the major challenge is to finish fabrication of a 300 sqm. exhibition area within 48 hours and to to place Daikin’s 6 heavy machinery in the appropriate area.


The client was very pleased as they were well aware of the challenges in completing the fabrication and installation for a 300 sqm. exhibition area with high quality under such tight timeline. ACREX INDIA 02015 is one of the largest exhibitions in India with over 400 exhibitors participated and received close to 30,000 visitors.